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Sustainability Network (SUSNET)

SUSNET Web-based Project Environment

SUSNET (Sustainability Network) is the project’s web-based environment. This provides a workspace for schools to document their GNH work and share resources. SUSNET can also be used a tool for collaborative work between schools, within and outside Bhutan.

SUSNET has a wealth of resources on sustainability issues, including teaching material, project and lesson ideas for GNH and sustainable development. There are also resources on action research, transformative pedagogy, distance education, media literacy and documentary filmmaking, including a space for uploading films produced by teachers and students.

Whilst some of the workspaces are only available for project members, the resources can be accessed by visitors. To view the resources click on the SUSNET link and then enter the user account and password given below.


User account: gnhvisitor

Password: gnhguest