Education for GNH


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Transformative Action Research for GNH

Transformative Action Research has been the methodology used for implementing GNH initiatives in schools:

Transformative Education for Gross National Happiness: A Teacher Action Research Project in Bhutan

Promoting GNH Schools Through Teacher Empowerment: Transformative Action Research as a GNH Praxis

Teachers from the GHN Seed schools have participated in 2 Leadership Training Courses in May 2011 and April 2012. At the end of each course each school had prepared an action research plan for implementing some aspect of GNH in their schools. Six months following the courses they met to share their mid-term action research reports.

Here are 2 examples of materials used in the workshops to develop action research skills.

Action Research for GNH Implementation

Transformative Action Research for GNH

Some of the schools' final reports will later be published as examples of GNH implementation in schools.The focus of the schools' action research for 2011-12 was as follows:

Taju Primary and Shari HSS

Formative Assessment to improve the performance of students with special needs.

Gaupel LSS

Improving parental involvement in school

Doteng LSS

Improving recreational spaces for pre-primary children

Khangkhu MSS

Developing children’s confidence and openness

Drukgyel LSS

Improving availability of clean water

Woochu LSS

Developing a sustainable waste management programme

In June 2013 there was an evaluation of the project. This resulted in proposals to expand teacher action research in more schools, by utilising existing project teachers as mentors and facilitators of Transformative Education for GNH action research workshops. The presentation of the evaluation can be found by clicking here.