Education for GNH


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Transformative Education for GNH Project

Project Background

Transformative Education for Gross National Happiness (GNH)  is a teacher action research project in Bhutan to implement initiatives to promote GNH in schools. The project is a partnership between Oulun Lyseon lukio in Finland, the Royal Education Council and 7 GNH Seed schools in Bhutan.

In October 2010, Timothy Bedford and Rosalind Cooper from Oulun Lyseon lukio were invited to visit the Royal Education Council and schools in Paro, Bhutan. Following project presentations at the Royal Education Council and 2 schools, it was agreed to begin an initial 3 year Transformative Education for GNH project.

Project Aim

The aim of the project is to develop the capacity of 7 GNH Seed schools in Paro to:

1. Develop, implement and disseminate examples of good practice of Education for GNH

2. Engage in a South-North dialogue with Finnish schools about GNH and sustainability

3. Create joint projects with Bhutanese and Finnish schools for implementing Education for     GNH/Sustainable Development

 Project Rationale

Global Education, and Education for GNH/Sustainable Development have emerged as important priorities in the Bhutanese, Finnish and other education systems. Building the capacity of schools is essential to meeting the local and global challenges of sustainability.

North countries such as Finland consume resources at a rate as if they live on 4 planet earths, whilst in many South countries people live on less than a Euro per day. A South-North dialogue is therefore central to creating a just and sustainable world.

Project Framework

The theoretical framework for the project is based on GNH values and transformative pedagogy The methodological framework is based on transformative action research. More details can be found in the following document:

Promoting GNH Schools Through Teacher Empowerment: Transformative Action Research as a GNH Praxis

Project Implementation and Timetable

The Transformative Education for GNH Project has an action research design with a focus on capacity building to develop and implement teacher initiatives to promote GNH in schools.


The project commenced in January 2011 with the planning of a 1st leadership training course which took place in May 2011. There were 25 teachers participating from 7 GNH seed schools in Paro, Bhutan. The course was facilitated by Timothy Bedford and Rosalind Cooper.

The main objective of the leadership training course was for teachers to develop action research, transformative pedagogy, media literacy and ICT skills across the curriculum to promote Education for Gross National Happiness.

At the end of the leadership training course each school had developed an action plan for promoting GNH. After the course they began implementing their plan using an action research approach supported by the Royal Education Council.

In April 2012 there was a 2nd leadership training course with the same schools. During the course transformative pedagogy, media literacy and ICT skills were explored in more depth. In addition participants engaged in GNH documentary filmmaking to introduce to students back in their schools. Also the participants developed a new one year action research plan.


In June 2013 there was an evaluation of the project. This resulted in proposals to expand teacher action research in more schools, by utilising existing project teachers as mentors and faciltators of Transformative Education for GNH action research workshops.

Future directions for the project include inter-school projects and student and teacher exchanges to further strengthen the Bhutan/Finland partnership.